Celine Dion Expresses Her Love For Her Mom By Singing With Her On Her 91st Birthday

Date March 27, 2018 10:59

A mother-daughter bond is always sacred. It is a powerful background for every woman; a mother’s love always gives the feeling of comfort, self-confidence, and trust in a better future. Some preserve the special relationships throughout the entire life. The famous singer, Celine Dion, who is a mom herself, has recently shared a sweet picture of her with her own mother.

Celine Dion / Instagram

In the picture, the two women are singing together, and the caption reads: “Happy Birthday, Mom! You are an infinite source of comfort and inspiration. I love you, Céline”! Our hearts soar when we see this touching bond!

Celine Dion has always been dedicated to her parents. In 2016 she expressed her deep love for her mom with the words: “The legacy of love… Nothing is more beautiful. Nothing is greater. Nothing is more important. Thank you Mom! Happy birthday! I love you.”


It sounds beautiful and genuine! Even at the beginning of her career, the singer devoted songs to her mother. During one of her first appearances on stage, she had her parents there to share the moment with her. After she introduced them to the audience, she added: “Mom, this one is for you”. She performed her first self-composed song and stole the hearts of millions!

Such a mother-daughter connection is what every woman dreams of! It heals us with unconditional love and gives us peace despite the toil and trouble of life!