Hot Baths May Be A New Kind Of Fitness: Researchers Say Soaking In A Hot Tub For An Hour Is Equal To A 30 Minute Walk

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March 20, 2018 14:52 By Mambee

If you want to lose weight, you may consider doing a very simple exercise. It is easy for everyone – get into a hot bath and relax! A study suggests that passive heating can help you shed extra pounds. An hour in the tub with 104-degree-Fahrenheit water is equal to a 30 minute walk in terms of calorie burn!

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Researchers from the Loughborough University found out that bathing for an hour burns 130 calories. They compared 2 groups of men: one group sweated on bicycles, the second relaxed in a hot bath. The scientists made an interesting observation – the people bathing had a peak blood sugar around 10 percent lower than the cyclists.

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Passive heating was also discovered to have the same anti-inflammatory response after physical activity. It seems like relaxing in a bath may become a new kind of fitness.

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The idea is not new; it is widely practiced in Finland! They believe going to saunas and exposing your body to high temperatures strengthens blood vessels and the whole cardiovascular system. It appears to be healthier than we think, and that’s a wonderful news. One more reason to get around to spending a nice relaxing time in a hot bath!

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