"My Wife Is A Nurse. My Wife Is A Hero": Husband's Touching Tribute To His Wife Goes Viral

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March 2, 2018 15:55 By Mambee

Jessica Urtz works as a stroke nurse. One day she came home from her ordinary 14 hours working shift and had a quick snack before going to bed, but she did not realize her husband was taking a picture of her. What he did later was the most touching thing ever. He posted the photo on Facebook because he wanted to pay tribute to his wife’s hard and devoted work.

Philip Urtz / Facebook

His post about Jessica went viral and found the response in people’s heats. The support and understanding from husband Phillip are priceless!

Nurses’ job is very hard indeed. Jessica spends so much time giving her energy to people she does not know. But she knows exactly, that they need her. She is helping to save lives, caring for them day and night.

Philip Urtz / Facebook

And when she gets home, she needs to fill up her inner sources again. Phillips wrote that sometimes when they talk, her gaze is blank, and he notices that. He tries to make her feel good and relaxed at home, he takes off her shoes and makes coffee for her, and every word he writes about her is filled with love and appreciation! “My wife is a nurse. My wife is a hero.” – those words conclude the inspirational tribute and leave us in deep thoughts of people whom we underestimate in our lives.

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