Melania Trump Did Not Stand Up When The President Spoke Of "Faith And Family" - And Twitter Erupts After The Event


February 1, 2018 16:38 By Mambee

The Trump family’s relationships have been under discussion again! This time the White House received special guests for the First State of the Union.


The president gave a speech, highlighting the center of American life as faith and family, and these words turned against the president. Almost everyone in the audience stood up applauding while Melania remained seated. Seemed like touching words of her husband about family did not reach her.

Social media is bursting with sharp comments about it. Some call Trump’s referring to “faith and family” the most ironic thing, some give an advice to the first lady to dump Trump.

Melania was definitely not in the mood, and maybe her emotionless face meant that she did not take husband’s words seriously.

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Previously she canceled her trip to Davos and refused to accompany Mr. Trump because of “logistics issues”, but instead she made a trip to Mar-a-Lago on her own. Since January the 15th the Trump couple was not seen together at all. The reason could be the rumors about the president having an affair with Stephanie Clifford. That’s where the first lady’s behavior is explainable.


The White House officials deny all the rumors about any discords between Trumps, but eyes cannot lie, as now the spouses are thoroughly watched by the press and social media community.

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