The "Beverly Hills 90210" Star Shannen Doherty Shared Wonderful News. She Feels Blessed To Work 7 Days Straight After Beating Cancer


January 31, 2018 14:54 By Mambee

It is good to be back on track! Shannen Doherty is a proud cancer survivor and she is happy to let her fans know, that she started working. She posted a photo on Instagram sharing her good feelings about being on set again and working 7 days straight. That must be a real blessing for such a hard-worker like Doherty.

Shannen Doherty / Instagram

“It wasn’t that long ago that I wondered if I would ever get to go back to doing what I love. Slipping into a character. Creating. Being on set, around the circus and feeling that deep satisfaction of accomplishment. This past week I worked 7 days. No weekend off and I loved every second.”

The news about breast cancer was devastating, but even then she managed to see a positive side. In 2016 actress confessed, that beating with cancer made her a better person.


“So off to work I go with a full spirit. A spirit of gratitude and love and deep appreciation. There is beauty in everything.”

She started to notice how wonderful life is. Doherty was always very public about her disease and shared a lot of her struggle in Instagram.

Shannen Doherty / Instagram

Her road was hard, yet she endured it with courage. She says, she feels blessed in life for having so much support from family, a husband especially, who has been by her side during a fight with cancer.

Shannen Doherty / Instagram

The "Beverly Hills 90210" star is in remission now. Luckily, the chemotherapy sessions worked and Doherty can go back to doing what she really loves! That’s wonderful news!

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