Loving Dad Sings To His Deaf Son, Boy's Reaction Made Him Burst Out Crying

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January 28, 2019 10:57 By Mambee

Every moment with a child is precious and heart-warming. It is even more special to see fathers bond with their kids instead of hiding their true emotions in front of them.

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A dad from North Caroline is not afraid of showing love for his little son! The video where he sang to the little boy went viral and made many people shed a tear.


25-year-old dad Zach Oxendine loves singing to his son, Judah. The little fellow is deaf and has a cerebral palsy.

Judah was born in his mom's third week of pregnancyt, weighing just 1lb 8ozs.

He experienced bleeding from both sides of the brain and he stayed in the intensive care unitfor 6 months, undergoing multiple surgeries during this time.

However, Judah is a brave guy! He has been a constant source of inspiration for his dad!

He is definitely surrounded by a loving family.

This boy has been a real miracle and, according to his dad, he has never stopped smiling since he came into in this world.

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Zach told StoryTrender that he felt singing had a soothing effect on his boy. 

Mom was making the video and she urged Zach to continue singing, though he found it hard to hold back tears. She was overemotional, holding his son close to his chest, and singing to him a country song called “Boy”, by Lee Brice.

Suddenly, Judah gave his dad a dazzling smile, and then Zach burst out crying. Seeing his son’s response was the most wonderful thing to witness. He is such a sweet boy! Even though he is deaf, he can fully feel the love of his parents, and this is the most important thing a child needs.

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