Foot Massage Is Not Just For Pleasure: Reflexology Suggests It Can Soothe Pain And Treat The Body's Maladies

Date March 30, 2018 14:17

Foot massage is not for pleasure only!


Even though many people find it the best way to relax, foot massage has healing powers! Reflexology experts claim that certain spots located on our feet correspond to the organs of our body.

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Stimulating these spots can lead to the normalization of certain organ function, bring pain relief and even heal maladies. Is it true?

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Although there is no scientific proof for the reflexology theories, it is hard to deny that having your feet massaged is one of most relaxing feelings.

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Massaging a certain spot makes you feel positive changes in your body. So what are the conditions that may be eased with foot reflexology?

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They are PMS syndrome, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. Foot massage improves multiple sclerosis symptoms, eases constipation, and the general health of the digestive system.

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Sounds like something worth trying!


The specialist you go to must be well aware of these special spots and certain massage techniques.

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Experts suggest avoiding foot reflexology if you are pregnant or if you ate within the last hour. Drinking water during the session is highly recommended.

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This is how you can incorporate basic reflexology techniques into foot massage routine!

In general, this alternative way of improving your well-being promises to unblock energy, boost your energy and increase blood circulation in the whole body!

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