Putting These Foods In Your Blender May Cause Its Damage

Date January 22, 2018

Blender is a reliable companion when it comes to cooking! Since you have learned its benefits already, you may feel temped to use it more often, making cooking process faster and easier, but this is where you may cut it too fat! Inappropriate ingredients may damage your tool, break the attachments or cause overheating and burning.


So avoid this kind of food in your blender when you start cooking:

1. Sticky and dehydrate products which may gum to the sides of your blender, and you will feel quite challenged to clean it off then.

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If you already broke this rule, then you may find this video helpful. It will show you a trick about cleaning your blender.

2. Hard foods such as frozen products, nuts or coffee beans. Putting ice cubes in your blender is not the best idea too.

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3. Thick foods like dough – it will make your machine work harder and cause overheat.

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Speaking of dough, the best way to make it is to use mixer, or just go old-school and knead it with hands.

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4. Fruit and veggies that are hard to grind. If you have such, better blend them with other products, plus add some water to prevent your device from damage.

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5. Hot liquids. There is nothing wrong in putting them inside your blender just because they are hot, but quite often not all precautions are taken in this case.


The steam which occurs in reservoir may be dangerous and burn you when you open the cover, or splash around accidentally.

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Blender is a perfect tool for making smoothies - healthy and fresh meal, you can easily make and enjoy vitamins boost.

Kitchen is a space for creativity as some say, but also it can be a dangerous place with all the devices. Keep safe in there, and take care for your blender.

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