Struggle To Tone Your Lower Abs? These 5 Exercises May Help You Flatten The Problem Area

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April 9, 2018 14:05 By Mambee

Great abs are made in the kitchen - it is not just a meaningless saying! You can't achieve a flat belly without a proper diet.

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Another important condition is high-intensity cardio training. Burning calories by running, weight lifting, and jump rope training will speed up metabolic processes.

As a result, you will see a flat tummy much sooner!

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Still, exercising your abs is very important too. There are arguments about whether you can target certain part of your abs. Exercises for the abdominal muscles and the core activate the whole area but certain moves hit the lower abs in particular, making them burn.

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If the lower part of your belly is your problem area, you should try these exercises.

#1. Mountain climbers. A great exercise for core muscles, legs, and arms. They activate the lower abs too, plus this is a high-intensity move that burns more calories!

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#2. Leg raises. Lying on the floor and lifting your upper body engages the upper abs too. By lifting your legs you set the lower abs in motion, making them burn.

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#3. Scissors. Cross your leg without rushing, trying to control the movements, and feel your lower abs work.

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#4. Double leg raise + leg split.

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#5. Hip raise. Raise your hips and lower slowly.

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These exercises are great for targeting the lower abdominal muscles, though they engage the entire core, so you will get maximum benefit from them!


It is important to "touch" the transverse abs which help to support the abdomen, particularly if there is not much fat or help to hold the belly.  If we want to rock these muscles we need to do exercises with a retracted belly.





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Sometimes the muscles get used to certain moves or weight! When you feel no impact after a workout, this is a sign to change something. You may try changing the intensity or number of repetitions.

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If you feel your muscles burn as you workout – do not stop! That’s a sign you are doing something right! Enjoy the workout and we wish you strong motivation in reaching your fitness goals!

Feel like relaxing after some fitness? Here is a fun idea to entertain yourself. Enjoy!

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