The Actress Rita Moreno Makes Everyone Agape With Wonder Appearing At Oscar In The Same Dress She Wore In 1962


March 6, 2018 12:14 By Mambee

Artistic people love having amulets, something that brings them good luck! For Rita Moreno, it has been her dress from 1962. Hard to believe, but the actress had it all this time. Maybe she kept it because it brought her luck in 1962 when she received her first Oscar!


She appeared on the red carpet in this magnificent outfit made from Japanese sash that was usually used as a kimono! A laconic black top and a long dress with a golden floral pattern. The perfect attire was completed with elegant black gloves.


In 1962 Rita Moreno won Oscar for “West Side Story” – the first award she proudly took home. Today Moreno is 82, but she still looks fabulous in that dress. The actress is definitely not afraid to appear at the Academy Award in the same outfit twice!


She made small improvements to the dress  – the top is slightly altered and she added an exclusive necklace! Her hair changed too, it is gray now. But it suits the actress and we can say without a shadow of a doubt, she is aging with grace and elegance.

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