These 7 Solutions Will Make You Forget About Stinky Shoes

Date March 12, 2018

Stinky shoes can become an unpleasant problem that affects your self-esteem. When you take them off and cringe in embarrassment because of the odor, you might want to start searching for easy solutions. We've prepared 10 life hacks for you that will help you get rid of the bad smell and forget about embarrassment.

Jason Salmon /

1. Tea bags. Place tea bags in your shoes: it will refresh them and eliminate the odor.

2. Self-made shoe spray. It is easy to make. You need rubbing alcohol, apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil (or lemon essential oil). Mix them all together and use the spray on stinky shoes.

MemoryMan /

3. Cat litter. Fill your socks with cat litter and leave in the shoes overnight.

4. Orange peels. No need to waste orange peels. Put them in your footwear for a night, or better yet, leave them for 24 hours.

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5. Mint spray. You can make a DIY mint spray with the following ingredients: rubbing alcohol, vinegar, essential mint oil. Have the spray with you all the time to freshen your shoes on the go.

6. Coffee grounds. After having your coffee use the waste to get rid of bad smells. Put it in foil and place in the shoes overnight.

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7. Bar of soap. It is good for absorbing odors too. Put a bar of dry soap in your shoes and wait for 24 hours.

Have you got a favorite method yet? All 7 are easy and quick and do not require additional shopping as you can find all the supplies at home!

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