Unusual Yet Inspiring Duet Of Owl And Dog Makes Everyone Believe In True Friendship

Date January 22, 2018 17:29

It is well known that dogs can be devoted friends of humans, but how about this weird couple? An owl Poldi and a shepherd dog Ingo!

They have been friends and shared so many sweet moments together. They are often spotted by their owner, an animal photographer Tanja Brandt in the most amazing atmosphere.

Their photo has become a 2018 calendar, and it looks awesome!

Real friendship between different spices is often unlikely, but these two are an exception. Tanja often posts photos of these fellows on Facebook and they definitely have lots of fans already.

The captions to the photos are so heart-warming. "It is good to  have someone who loves you" - sounds very inspiring.

Two friends pose together eagerly! Ingo is proudly carrying the fellow on the back!

How that kind of commitment happened, it is hard to explain, they just have some special chemistry!

Tanya, who is so fond of her pets, wrote in her Facebook, that they see things we can never see and feel what we can never feel!

Looking at Ingo and Poldi, we get curious what it is that they really feel!

Anyway, it is amazing to see, they save each other from loneliness.

Friendship is wonderful attachment! Looking at the creatures from different world, like a dog and an owl, we realize that these two may share more than two people.

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