What Is Hiding Behind These 7 Random Body Pains

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April 17, 2018 13:14 By Mambee

Pain in the body may be frustrating. Sometimes it just comes and goes, but it may linger for a while. Then it is important to recognize the reason behind it. It may be either a common wear and tear, or mechanical injury, or the signal of inflammation process in the body.

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How to decode your body language? Pay attention to every ache in your body, especially if it is bothering you for some time.

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1. If you have pain behind your ear, it can be a symptom of the nerve pinched in your neck.

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Maybe you have a sedentary lifestyle, or you hold your head and neck in the uncomfortable position for too long. Another reason may be dental issues. Consult your dentist to find out if there is an inflammation process in your teeth or gums. This can also be the symptom of the heart attack, so pay attention to the pain behind your ear if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

2. If the bottom of your foot aches, it may be the wear and tear from the long walking or running.

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However, it may be also a dangerous symptom of the bones, tendons or ligaments inflammation.

3. Sharp pain in the back of your head can be a symptom of occipital neuralgia.

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Then pain focuses on the place where the skull and the neck conjoin. The nerves running from the spinal cord to the scalp become inflamed and cause severe sharp pain few times a month.

4. The muscle cramp can happen if you have an inadequate blood supply.

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Then you may experience cramps in your legs and feet while exercising, as the arteries shrink in size. The nerve compression in the spine could be another reason for the muscle cramps.

5. Stomach pain has a wide range of reasons behind it.

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Sometimes it could be just the innocent acid reflux, which causes sharp stomach pain occasionally. Pain without the changes of bowel movements on the regular basis may be a symptom of the stomach or peptic ulcer.

6. If you experience leg pain after walking or climbing the stairs, it could be a signal that your arteries become damaged and narrowed.

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If you start feeling the ache in the legs on the regular basis, it could be the beginning of the peripheral arterial disease development.

7. Knee pain or discomfort may bother you because of too much pressure on it.

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It may be a signal you have to decrease the weights you are working with in the gym, and take it easier with walking and running. The meniscus tear of the knee, sprained or torn tissues or the inflammation of the joint can cause pain that lingers, so do not postpone your visit to the doctor.

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Sometimes the body pain is just a call for help. When we are under stress, our body loses the ability to defend itself from the diseases and gets weaker. That’s why it is essential to recognize those signals and restore the precious health.


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