Woman Finds Her Dog Snuggling Up To A Stranger In The Airport And Consoling His Grief


February 23, 2018 12:42 By Mambee

We often notice that some dogs are wise and empathetic. They can comfort better than any person does and give so much love, it is hard to imagine. Madison Palm knew, her corgi dog Cora was special. She was always by her side and the two had been traveling together all the time.

Madison Palm / Facebook

But one day, in a Seattle airport, Cora did something surprising even for her owner. Palm saw she approached a stranger man and sat at his feet. The woman asked if corgi was bothering, but when the man glanced up at her, his eyes were full of tears. He told he had lost his dog just a day ago.

Madison Palm / Facebook

Cora felt the man was grieving, and she rushed to comfort him. It was wonderful to see those two sharing a sweet moment. The man petted her and scratched her behind the ear, and Madison could see how emotional he was.

For her, it was incredible to witness her corgi being so sensitive to other people. She took her when she was almost 8 years old, dirty and underfed, fully neglected by previous owners. It is unbelievable; Cora did not lose trust in people after her sad past.

Madison Palm / Facebook

She was trained and certified as a therapy dog. Madison said, she helped her to overcome anxiety, and she had plenty of love to share with others!

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