Woman Who Gives Away Her Own Shoes To Homeless Stranger Receives Gift From Ellen DeGeneres - A Pair Of Shoes With A Surprise

Date January 29, 2018 13:50

Kindness can be contagious. When you see others doing good deeds, it inspires you to do the same. Some people have such huge hearts - they are ready to give anything they own to a stranger.


Perhaps not everyone thinks it is a good thing, but not Kelly McGuire. This woman’s heart aches when she sees someone in trouble, that is why she was invited on the Ellen Show as Ellen DeGeneres was inspired by her kindness.

Kelly McGuire / Facebook

Kelly saw a homeless woman on the street who desperately needed warm shoes, and she did not hesitate and took her own boots off and gave them to the stranger.

The Ellen Show / YouTube

Yes, it was freezing outside. Struck by such kindness the homeless woman was concerned about Kelly’s feet, so she offered her own old shoes in return.

The Ellen Show / YouTube

Ellen was touched by this story and gave her a present – a pair of new shoes, but that was not it. In one shoe there was 10 thousand dollars and that money was meant for good deeds.

The Ellen Show / YouTube

Kelly would give each thousand to 10 friends to spread the kindness. Then Ellen said, there was something else in the other shoe – Kelly was shocked when she found another 10,000 dollars there, this time for herself only.

The Ellen Show / Instagram

Fans of the show seemed to be quite impressed and inspired by the sympathetic heart of the young woman.

Mrs. McGuire is known for many more acts of kindness – she brings home-made cookies to the local fire department and supports doctors who have to work on Christmas with veggies trays. On Valentine’s day she sends out cards to widows from her church, and these all make her feel warm in her heart.

Being kind is such a little thing we can do for one another. Ellen encourages everyone to follow Kelly’s example and to do acts of kindness, no matter if they are big or small, as it is important to make this world better with selflessness and open hearts.

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