Your Blood Type May Reveal What Kind Of Person You Are

Date February 22, 2018

In Asian countries, people believe each blood type predetermines different type of personality. It is known, there are 4 blood types – A, AB, B, O. According to scientist Masahiko Nomi, blood that runs in our veins matters and it means that we possess certain qualities.

Blood type personality theory was first published in 1970-s, but it caused a commodity in the scientific world as it lacked proofs and substantial research. Despite this, Nomi’s book has been very popular. Indian professor Dr. Parag Arun Narkhede run a survey and hyped Nomi's theory with conclusions from his own poll.

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We all have good and bad traits! Maybe asking about blood type on a date would reveal us more about a person? People in Japan always want to know the blood type of employers, because it shows how effective a person would fit in the company.

Blood type A

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People from this group are frank, reserved, sensible, patient, responsible and cautious. But they also can be fastidious, over-earnest, obsessive and stubborn.

Blood type B

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People with this blood type are Passionate, active, creative, animal-loving, flexible, cheerful. They make friends easily and have an optimistic mind. But they can be irresponsible, forgetful, ego-centric, lazy, impatient and unreliable.

Blood type AB

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In this group, people have a creative mind, they are calm, rational, sociable, intelligent and easily adapt to the new situations. Although they can be critical, indecisive, unforgiving, and aloof.

Blood Type O

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These people have are confident, self-determined, ambitious, strong-willed, intuitive, agreeable, competitive and athletic. Still, they can be unpredictable, spiteful, self-centered, cold, aggressive, arrogant, envious and ruthless.

Do you think this description reflect the truth?

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