Barack Obama Jokes About His Dancing Talent, And Gives Precious Tips To All Dads In The New David Letterman's Show

Date January 11, 2018

Netflix launches a new show with David Letterman and his first guest is former president Barack Obama!

In a teaser which appeared in their Twitter page, Obama shows himself from the other side – he is joking about the dancing dad moves.

He shares the tip for all fathers – “you’ve got to stay in the pocket”. Usually her daughter Sasha is mocking his dancing but suddenly she pulled her dad up to the stage to dance, when they met a famous singer Prince. That is twitchy moment for any parent, you must agree.

Obama continued: "I think everybody here knows dads who get out of the pocket and they're trying stuff that they can't really pull off and, you know, they start doing, like, karate kicks and all kinds of stuff."

It is intriguing to see the full interview and find out what other tips Barack Obama may reveal. He has a good sense of humor, probably it is better than his dancing moves, but anyway it all makes him a good father. After he was inaugurated for the president he set a rule, which sounded surprising and unusual for a president, he had to join family for dinner 5 times a week. He has such a family-centered values, he must be the dad a lot of men should learn from.

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