Finally It Is Recognized That Changing Diapers Is Not Women's Prerogative

Date January 15, 2018

Fighting with old stereotypes, New York City will have a renovation now – the public places restrooms for men will be equipped with diaper changing tables! Such good news! It appeared to be the problem nowadays, when men are getting involved more and more in baby-care comparing with previous generations.

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Now the society is changing, the merges between a woman’s job and a man’s job are erased. When it is about spending comfortable time with your baby, comfort should be provided for both parents - mom and dad.

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So changing diapers is not just a woman’s duty. Moreover, a baby may not have a mom around, if this is just time with a father, or grandfather, or a male baby-sitter. In this case men face lots of inconveniences and cannot change babies in a sanitary place in man’s restroom.

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Not only malls will be set with diaper changing tables, but also restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and movie theatres. Sounds fair enough! This campaign was launched by New York City Council member Rafael Espinal and it met no restriction, just approval from male parents, and also the owners of the establishments.

Awhile ago the actor Ashton Kutcher was complaining about the situation too.

Hopefully soon enough all male parents will have a chance to take care of the babies in an appropriate place for that!