How To Save Your Hair From Damage During The Winter Hat Season

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January 10, 2018 15:44 By Mambee

Winter is pretty much the time when we cover ourselves with layers of clothes. We do not want our head to freeze too, so when it comes to picking a hat, we would naturally prefer wool, which keeps us so warm. It is natural fabric, but as appeared, wool hats may bring damage to the hair.

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As the natural material it absorbs moisture, and the friction makes it very thin and easy to break. There is a way out though – use silk or satin fabric underneath it. If you are only heading to the store in order to buy a good hat, make sure it has linen of silk or satin. If you already have a wool hat, you may sew it into your hat by yourself.

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Another problem we all face during winter hat season is static electricity in the hair. It happens because it loses its moisture because of the weather and hats wearing. To get rid of the problem, make sure you use a metal or wooden brush instead of plastic one.  Putting oil products may help to tame your hair and to moisturize it under your hat.

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Wearing cotton or cashmere will prevent the problem of hair electrifying. Picking the shaping which do not sit tightly on your head is the best choice, as this way less friction and more air to hair will not let it become flat and lifeless. You can be devoted to your style, but it does not mean you have to put your hair in danger, as healthy looking is the most beautiful.

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