Meet Jude Law's Daughter, Iris Law, Who Took The Best From Her Dad And Makes Her Way Up In The Fashion World

Date January 11, 2018

No surprise when good-looking parents have good-looking children. So probably, it is not a revelation that Jude Law, one of the most attractive Hollywood actors, has a stunning daughter who works as a model.


You can recognize him in his daughter's face, that is for sure!

Meet Iris Law, such a stunning look– she seemed to take the best features from her dad, and mom Saddie Frost. Unfortunately her parents got divorced when Iris was 3 years old only.

It didn’t prevent her from being confident and successful young woman though, today 17-year-old model is the face of Burberry!

Thank you @burberry for making me beautiful #burberrybeauty ????

Допис, поширений Iris Law (@lirisaw)

She first appeared on the magazine cover in 2002, when the whole Jude Law’s family was shooting for Vogue. Maybe her godmother Kate Moss made a ponderable impact on the girl’s decision to burst into the fashion world.

Now Iris enjoys living in London and working as a model! Her brother Rafferty turned out to work in the same sphere too, and they even did a shoot together. Such a pretty family!

Допис, поширений Iris Law (@lirisaw)

She is making her way up in the business with quite a tenacity!

It is hard to blame her, the modeling talent of the young girl has to be totally appreciated.

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