Jessica Alba Joins The "TimesUp" Movement While Breastfeeding Her Son At Home


January 10, 2018 13:31 By Mambee

As Jessica Alba is now a new mom for the third time and she is inseparable with her tiny newborn son, she could not miss the opportunity to join the TimesUp movement and participate in it, making a post in her Instagram account.

Having given birth just on the New year’s eve, and being dedicated to breastfeeding became the reason why  she could not be present at the Golden Globe’s Sunday night shows, but she wore a black T-shirt being at home, showing her support and solidarity.

jessicaalba / Instagram

Staying indoors was not an excuse for Jessica, and she joined the movement along with her newborn son Hayes Alba Warren.

This TimesUp initiative speaks up for all those men and women who struggle with racial and gender discrimination, sexual harassment and inequality in any other possible way. Many celebrities joined this movement picking black color of their attires.

Jessica Alba showed her black outfit in an Instagram story while breastfeeding her son. Being a mother, she does not forget to express her mind and stay on the same side with her colleagues. Way to go, Jessica!

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