Some Say It Is Disturbing, Some Say It Is Beautiful: The Photos of Iceland Twins Mesmerize At The First Glance

Date December 19, 2018

These photos of Iceland twins Erna and Hrefna are truly bewitching. Caught by Ariko Inaoka, a Japanese photographer, it seems they show the very depth of their souls.

Ariko met them when they were 6. She had traveled to Iceland from New York in search of inspiration from natural landscapes. She found the inspiration in these little girls.

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The moment she met the twins she realized that they have such a strong connection that it felt as though they shared the same spirit.

Ariko started to take photos of them every year to see them grow and develop. Each time, they revealed more in front of the camera. 

She told The Guardian they did not even have to be told how to pose. Both girls look natural as if they have been doing it for the whole life. We can totally tell from the pictures!

They felt comfortable, suggesting their own ideas. Both did ballet so they always moved with grace and elegance.

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The photographer loved working with them so much that she returned to Iceland every summer to make shots of Erna and Hrefna.

She tried to work with other twins, but she could never find that special deep connection those girls shared.

They complete each other's personalities in the most wonderful way. Akito says:

They have a different personality, of course, but their roles with each other are always kind of in harmony. One is more shy, then as they grow older that relationship changes again.

The girls are always enthusiastic about the photoshoots with Ariko.

These images are truly creative and artistic. But there is something more in them! It is hard not to admire these masterpieces wrapped in enigma and mysticism.

The twins' father supports the project, encouraging their creativity.

Opinions are split, though. Some see them as beautifully mystical and meaningful.

For others, the pictures create a disturbing impression.

But you definitely can’t feel indifferent about them.

It's amazing to see the beautiful combination of the natural landscapes and these adorable humans who are a part of it. The girls seem to be the heart and the soul of Iceland itself. What do you think of their unusual photos?

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