Michelle Obama As Devoted Wife And Mother: 10 Surprising Things You Probably Didn't Know About

Date January 19, 2018

When we think of strong women who made an impact into American history, we recall Michelle Obama who took her role as the first lady with her special style. She was an activist in politics, and public service, but beside that, she always remained a devoted wife and mother.

Here are few facts from this sphere of Michelle’s life.

1. Before meeting her future life-partner, Michelle was certain she would focus on building a career, not a family.

2. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson met future husband Barack Obama at law firm, when she was assigned to him as a mentor. He was a new person in the firm then and needed an experienced supervision. Luckily, he got it from Michelle.

3. Michelle kept refusing going out with Barack, as it contradicted her principles – she would never start romantic relationships with a subordinate. So Omaba had to quit.

4. On her first date with Barack, the young couple had Baskin-Robbins ice-cream. After 3 years they got married in 1992.

5. When Obama took a place in the White House Michelle set a rule that he would be away only 2 evenings a week, other 5 he would share dinner with his family.

6. Having 2 little daughters, she was a working mom without a babysitter and even took 4 months old Sasha with her to the interview with University of Chicago Hospital.

7. Michelle is raising 2 daughters who just want to be normal as they say. Michelle was suggesting the girls to invite friends over movie to the White House, but they preferred to stay somewhere else.

8. Michelle can not stand taking photo-shoots with Barack Obama, who is terrible at this, as she says.

9. Michelle loves cooking healthy food and encourages everyone to start cooking at home.

10. Loving relationships of Obama couple truly deserves an admiration! While speaking about Michelle, Barack is calling her the best friend, and claiming that she made him and the whole country proud.

Michelle is one of the women who possess such a strong energy and charisma, it is hard no to be charmed by her! She will be missed as the first lady.

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