The Simple Guide of Self-Massage: A Natural Way For Reducing Pain And Stiffness

Date December 20, 2017

Different lifestyle hits different parts of our body. Whether we stand the whole day, or sit, or on the contrary – rush on foot the whole day, in the end the feeling of fatigue is suppressing. Very often our body gives signals that something is wrong by the means of pain or stiffness, and we cannot ignore such signals. The best relief would be going to a professional masseuse. But if it is not that affordable, there is a perfect way to get self-massage, just learning to do it right, you will discover, that this type of relaxation is accessible and helpful.

Foot massage

There are few ways you can relax your feet. First of all you can put them into a bowl with warm water for 10 minutes and let them rest. When you are ready to massage, grab a tennis ball, or a golf ball and place it underneath your foot. While pressing on it slightly, roll it back and forth from your heel to the toes.

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If you cant find a ball in your possessions, grab a foot with your hand, hold it with one hand, take your toes into another one and rotate them in both directions.

If you love high heels and wear them a lot, rotate your ankle, wrapping a heel with your hand. Massage your calf up and down, and point your toes flexing the muscles, then let go.

Head and neck

If you suffer from neck or headaches because of bad posture, or sitting at the desk and typing for long time,  you also can help yourself with massage. But this is where you will need 2 tennis balls. Lie on your back and bend your knees. Take 2 tennis balls and put your arms behind your neck, so that the balls could be placed on both sides of the base of your skull. Turn your head left and then right, and repeat.

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In the case of stiff muscles in your neck, or cramps, do a nice stretching. Place your right hand on your left ear and bend your hand to the right, but do not go to the point when you feel pain already, let the side muscles of the neck stretch nicely, and then go to the start position slowly. Put your both palms on the back of your neck and do compression movements, go up and down, then rub your muscled in slow motions from the centre (the spine) to the sides.

Lower back

Physical work often hits lower back and cause pain in this area. For making a self-massage, put a ball against your lower back and the wall, and do up and down moves, then move side-to-side.

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In order to do it with your hands only, put your palms on your lower back, as high as you can reach and rub the muscles gentle along the spine up and down. If you feel you may need to go harder, make fists and do the same movements. In any spots when you feel stronger pain, just apply more pressure and it will release the tension.


Knees weaken from every day wear and tear, and this is true. So often we may feel pain or discomfort in knees after longer period of moving than usual, this is one of the signals of osteoarthritis – the joint disease which occurs to many people.

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For pain relief, you need to concentrate on massaging the area around knee joint. It is important to relax thighs as well, so rub them up and down, and tap them with fists. At first the inner thighs, and then the side muscles. Be sure not to apply any pressure on the knee cup.

You may put your hands on the sides of your knee cup, and do circular motions. After this, put your fingers under the cup and rub the area up and down, any rush or intense pressure is not recommended.

Keep in mind that you have to only massage the painful spot few minutes, applying medium pressure, exploring that area of your body in order to locate the strongest pain, and massage it more carefully. If you still suffer from discomfort or ache after self-massage, be sure to consult a physician.

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