This Plank Challenge May Be A Good Start For Those Who Plan Exercising

Date January 19, 2018 16:42

To start exercising may be a challenge, and if you feel this way, start with a plank. It is not time-consuming, and this exercise is perfect for those who find it hard to drag themselves outside for a jog.

What muscles does it hit?

Plank strengthens your entire body – the core muscles: abs and lower back; shoulders, thighs, glutes, and even chest. This exercise is static, but do not think that means it is effortless.

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How to perform it?

Get in the push-up position, and just hold still. Your body should form a straight line from the hills to the shoulders. Do not dip down and do not stick your hips up. Keep your head along with the body. Stay in the position as long as you can. You may bend your elbows at 90 degrees, if you find this plank variation more comfortable.

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Plank challenge

For the first day keep the plank for maximum time possible for you, let’s say 20 seconds. Increase this time each day for at least 5 seconds more. It is better to keep the track of your results and write it down! You will see your progress and enhance your stamina and muscle strength more and more.

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Do you enjoy the challenge? Compete with friends, see who rocks the plank!

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