It Is Time To Ban Spanking In The Families: Corporal Punishments Teach Children Violence

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December 13, 2017 16:24 By Mambee

Does spanking sound like an immediate problem-solving? Yes, your child can be disobedient – and spanking may help for a minute.


However, in a long run, this type of punishment does not work.

On the contrary, it leads to sad results - low self-esteem in a child, no interest in the learning process, “victim syndrome”, developing of anger and violent behavior towards peers and animals.

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Nowadays, 38 countries in the world banned spanking, as a corporal punishment. As a matter of fact, it is illegal to hit or kick a neighbor, a colleague, a strange person on the street, but it is still not forbidden to do it to your child.

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Jeff Temple from the University of Texas researchers dating violence among teenagers, and he found out that children who were spanked by parents transfer corporal punishments into their teenage, and then into adulthood.

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They learn it as a norm, and often do not see when it turns into physical abuse.

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The new research in the Journal of Family Psychology reveals that the average 4-year-old is hit 936 times a year. Seems terrifying.

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Usually, conflict happens when a parent loses control and temper because a child is tired or bored, or does something against parents' will. However, in 100 percent of cases, the alternative behavior of parents would bring more feedback than raising a hand.

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It is essential to learn patience within a family and let yourself cool down when feeling irritated. Talk to your children, and explain the consequences if they do something wrong.

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People always learn from their own experience, so eventually, they will realize that having no hat on will make them very cold, and so on.

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A child’s personality must be respected and cherished as well as adult’s.


The peaceful and abuse-free environment in every family will make an impact on building a new reasonable and gentle generation, with true humane values.

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