The Cat Saves A Family From Fire In Their House, Risking Her Own Life

Date December 6, 2017

Cats are known for their altruism, but this cat is different. Her name is Tink and she risked her own life to warn her owners about a fire. That night Claire Hopkinson woke up suddenly from the thud, her cat jumped up on the bed and sat there on Claire’s lap. It had never happened before, Claire said to “The Guargian”, usually the cat sleeps downstairs and never comes up to the bedroom. And at that moment Claire realized something was wrong because her whole room was filled with thick smoke.

She run to the corridor with her partner, worrying about her sons, Scott and Jake. It was already so hard to breath. The whole family called to the emergency and was ordered to leave the house immediately, leaving everything behind. Help arrived in minutes, it appeared, the smoke was caused by the fire originated in the neighboring house. The neighbors managed to get out alive and safe too, so no one was hurt. But there was no sign of Tink… Claire started to worry as she thought the cat had escaped too.

Finally, the houses were drained already, but Tink was still missing. One of the firemen decided to go back to the house and look for her, just when Claire started to panic. But Tink was there, inside, she was trapped in one of the rooms, the fireman was carrying her motionless body, and that moment was so dramatic. They put an oxygen mask on the cat, and soon she started breathing again.

That fire was a big shock for the Hopkinson family, they lost all their belongings and lived in a hotel for a month while waiting till their house was restored. Tink was living at Claire’s daughter. But the accident affected cat as well, she was stressed and reserved. Finally when the family reunited and moved to their house again, where every one could rehabilitate from what happened. The Hopkinsons are grateful to stay alive, which is the most important, and the reason of it is Tink, the little cat hero.

This is not a unique case when cats save their owner's life. They show themselves not less devoted than dogs! And here is a proof:

It is important not to forget to care about these little furry fellows as much as they care for us, and treat them as the family members.

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