The Huge Avocado Found in Hawaii Could Beat A Record

Date December 19, 2017

A woman from Hawaii, Pamela Wang, who lives in Kealakekua, found something worth being in a Guinness book. She went for a walk and saw a giant avocado lying on the ground. She picked it up immediately, and could not believe it was so huge. She got surprised, as it is not typical size. Pamela took it to the local market to show to her friends farmers and they found out this is not that type of avocados which are available in the stores, that one is Daily 11, and they are known to be much bigger.

But it appeared to be, the one Pamela found excelled in size and weight even an average Daily 11, it was big as her head, and weighed 5.23 pounds.

She decided to submit an application for Guinness book then.

She was informed, they do not have the category for the largest avocado. Still, they have one for the heaviest, and so far this position is taken by a fruit submitted by Gabriel Ramirez Nahim in 2009, that one weighed 4 pounds.

Now Pamela is waiting for the answer from the Guinness managers, who will tell her within 2 months, if the record can be submitted.

It is interesting, that area where huge avocado was found called Kona is known for three other current or former world-record fruits (the heaviest jackfruit, soursop, and mango). Probably, farmers of Kona know some special secret of cultivation and growing fruit.

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