The Study Shows, Air Pollution Dwindles The Positive Effect From The Cardio Exercises

Date December 19, 2017

Walking is an exercise we all perform, in order to train our lungs, and strengthen cardiovascular system, it is important to get moving. It is especially relevant to older generation, for people over 60 who choose walking as the only way of physical activity. However, it matters where you have a walk, and what air you breathe along the way.

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The research related to air pollution and the benefit of walking was made in London, and showed an interesting, but sad result. Air of poor quality actually diminishes the use of exercise.

There were 2 groups of people over 60 years old, and one of them had a daily walk in the green area of park, another group spent time walking the busy and hectic street. The scientists examined blood pressure, lung volume and the elasticity of the blood vessels, and here is what they found: the volunteers who were taking a walk in the park had great enhancement of their health. The arterial stiffness reduced for 24 per cent for healthy people and for 19 per cent for those who had heart issues. People who walked the busy street filled with traffic did not seem to have any improvements.

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The researched also concluded, that unfortunately the health benefits of cardiovascular exercises, walking in this case, are wiped  out if you choose traffic-flooded street over a park or a forest, especially for those who suffer from ischaemic heart disease, and chronic cardiopulmonary diseases.

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The biggest problem lies in high concentration of black carbon, particulate and nitrogen dioxide which is the gas appearing from burning fuel process. This is what we breathe in the high traffic areas, and it is almost every corner of the city. So if you really want to make it count, take a walk in the park, away from the traffic dust and smoke, any green area which will please your lungs and your eyes.

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