5 Type Of Carpets Which Will Compliment Your Health

Date December 1, 2017

The decision what carpet to get for your house may appear a hard one considering your desire to make it healthy and toxin-free. As people care more of their health conditions right now, they tend to think twice while choosing any home decorations, including carpets!

There is a huge variety of materials of carpets on the market, but it may be even more confusing. Unfortunately the majority of them are not appropriate for maintaining healthy life, provoke allergies, collect bacteria and dust which can be hardly cleaned.

Nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, or polyester are frequently used materials, they may contain synthetic SB latex, polyurethane, or polyvinyl chloride, and those all are petroleum products.

Anyway there are health-friendly alternatives:

  • Wool has been always in trend, and considered to be a premium choice. It is resistant to soiling, moisture, static, and fire. This fabric requires frequent cleaning and dry conditions, as humidity may provoke growing mildew. Although it may cost more than alternatives, it will please you with luxury look and soft feel, as well as durability, and make the purchase worthy.

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  • Coir – made from the coconut husks. It is relatively inexpensive and sustainable for any home, even if the homeowners suffer from allergies or respiratory disorders. Coir prevents the build-up of static electricity, and so easy to take care for.

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  • Seagrass is one more natural material you will enjoy, as it is made from the plants fibers. It can not be coloured as it is resistant to paints, stains and dirt. The only one drawback is that seagrass is sensitive to moisture, so keep it away from bathrooms and kitchens where the possibility of wetting a rug is very high.

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  • Sisal carpets are convenient to use in any area of your home. It can be coloured easily, but that means stained easily as well. There is a wide variety of sisal carpets of any styles and patterns so you will be able to satisfy your style needs.

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  • One more eco-friendly choice is jute which offers comfort and lovely look for any home. Jute is made of dried plant fibers, it feels soft, and appears durable and thick. It needs effortless care, as cleaned easily, you can vacuum the dust but avoid the steam cleaning as the moist may ruin the rug’s texture.

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Taking care of all your family starts with simple decisions. Start it with choosing the eco-friendly carpet for your home, and it will compliment your health and style, release you from tedious cleaning and save your budget as well!

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