Mom Makes A Tear-Jerking Video Explaining Her Baby Why She Put Him Up For Adoption. But This Story Has A Happy Final

Date January 19, 2018 13:34

The story of these families is more than unusual. Children who are given up for adoption do not usually have a chance to meet their real mothers and know where they come from as they are growing in other families. Little Taggart Marsh, who is 2 years old, has two mommies and that seems to satisfy little fellow completely.

Hannah Mongie, his birth mother, got pregnant when she was 18, and she knew she could not give her baby a decent start in life. Just abandoning her baby was not the case for her, so it made her think of other alternatives.













Допис, поширений Hannah Mongie (@ihannah262)




Young mother felt torn apart by mixed feelings: huge love for little person growing inside her, and desire to give a good life for him. That was when she heard about open adoption – the situation when birth mother has a chance to see her baby as much as possible.





During pregnancy Hannah met Emily and Brad Marsh, who already had an adoptive child. Their views on adoption surprised Hannah in a good way – they actually saw many benefits in hanging out together with birth mom making her an important part of a child’s life.





That meeting made Hannah reconcile with herself finally. As they spent more time during her pregnancy, Hannah felt that the Marsh family is the perfect choice.





Anyway, giving up her baby was the hardest decision she had ever made. So after little Tagg was born, she made a video for him where she explained why she had to give him to adoptive family, and how strong her love for him was.

That video went viral in Facebook, though among support from people, Hannah faced severe critics and judgment too.

Now little Tagg is 2 years old already and he is such a happy child. He has two mommies obviously, and he takes it as a natural way of things.













Допис, поширений Hannah Mongie (@ihannah262)




Hannah admits, she is happy to see how Emily and Brad Marsh raise her son and surround him with love and care.  Hannah claims, soon enough when she feels ready, she will want to be a mother and wife and have a family of her own.

Families go through different types of problems, trying to survive no matter what. But they can always choose love over hatred.

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