Useful Make Up Tips For Mature Skin

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December 1, 2017 17:38 By Mambee

Our skin changes with time, and we still crave for young and fresh look no matter what. Applying makeup may be a wonderful solution as well as a disaster! Minding these tips will help you to avoid looking even older with your makeup.

1. Moisturize and prep your skin.

Healthy skin is the priority, we cant turn back the time and remove lines and wrinkles, but we may use cosmetics wisely to hide them. Before applying any makeup the golden rule is moisturize your skin and use primer. Tinted moisturizer will work better, and create a fresh and even skin tone. It is better to avoid thick layer of foundation and building up a heavy mask on your face.

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2. Use fingers, not a brush.

Instead of a brush, you can use your fingers. The warmth from your palm will soften the cream texture and appear to be a smoother and thinner layer. Blush will add healthy glow to your cheeks, and the creamy blush will sit better than powdery one. You may also apply it with your fingers and this way control the quantity and saturation of the product.

3. "Yes" to eye pencil, "no" to gel eyeliners!

Let your eyes shine and be the most defined feature of your face. Try to avoid harsh lines though made by gel eyeliners. Using soft pencils will allow you to smudge the line a little, making it soft and tender. When it comes to eye shadows it is better to pick not too shimmery or glittery colors.

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3. Careful with the eyebrow shape!

Take a close look at your eyebrows, if they are shaped nicely – they will compliment your face and make you look younger. But this is what you should know: make sure you get rid of all the unwanted hair, shape them with a pencil and avoid any dark colors unless you have really dark hair. Make sure the eyebrow line is soft and fair, avoid sharp angles. Make the heads of the eyebrow which sit close to the nose bridge the softest in color, kind of blurred.

4. Lipsticks to avoid.

Anything that will moisturize your lips is good! You will have to reject dark colors and matt lipsticks which look dry and make lips visually smaller. Take into consideration peach and rose colors. Before applying lipstick you may prep your lips with scabbing them, then putting a moisturizing lip balm. Contouring with pencil is also a good idea, as it will define your lips shape more, and make your product last longer. You may put little powder on your lips after the pencil, and then apply lipstick – this way it will not spread out of the contours.

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Make sure your make up is done wisely, keep the lines soft, and colors fresh. Do not rush with it, take a step back away from the mirror, and check your look, it is better to add some more makeup later than wash it all away. The right cosmetics will make you look and feel younger, and you will definitely admiring gazes at any event or everyday life.