Dropping A Bomb: How To Tell Your Child The Truth About Santa?

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December 8, 2017 11:53 By Mambee

For most families Christmas and New Year are holidays which embody joy, fun, family feasts, gifts, fireworks and, of course, Santa Claus. Have you ever thought about what to say to a child if he asks if Santa is real? Let's think about how to get out of this tricky situation and save magical atmosphere of holidays for kids.

When a child begins to doubt the reality of Santa Claus

Let the child come to his discoveries himself. Do not accelerate the course of events. Wait until the child begins to ask questions. Childhood is the only time when our imagination is unlimited, and we are able to perceive fairy tales and miracles as reality. Let the child be in this happy state for as long as he can! When a child grows out of this childlike perception, he will begin to ask questions.

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Give answers as honestly as possible

"Santa Claus is the only one, right? Then why did we see several different Santas today - in the children's club, in the shopping mall and on TV?"  You can say, for example,  that "These are Santa’s help-mates - people who dress up in costumes and help with creating festive atmosphere".

Dr. Aliza Pressman at Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero shares tips for parents to find the right approach to answer "What to Say When Your Child Asks 'Is Santa Real?'"


Do not bring the child down if he has already begun to doubt it

Children do not take offense at the fact that parents were giving them fairy-tale mood, while the kids were believing in it themselves. But when a grown-up child faces unbelievable arguments which he has already overgrown, it will truly offend him. Grown up children do not like it when they are still perceived as toddlers. If this reality confrontation happened too harshly, the best argument would be an honest confession: «I was very fond of Santa Claus in my childhood and I wanted to give you the feeling of a Christmas fairy tale that I loved so much when I was a kid».

Children grow up, and with the completion of Santa’s story there is always a need to create new family traditions. Offer children to buy gifts and congratulate orphans in a foster house or feed homeless kittens in the yard. It’s always a good idea to help those who need fairy tales even more than we do. You will not notice how you will turn into real wizards yourselves.

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