1 In 200 Million: Triplets Beat The Odds After It Was Confirmed That They Are Genetically Identical

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August 9, 2018 16:11 By Mambee

While they are a rarity, you have probably come across a couple of identical twins at some point. But have you ever seen identical triplets?


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It turns out that this phenomenon is extremely rare: 200 million to one to be exact. So you can imagine this mother's shock when it was confirmed that her triplets didn't just look alike, they were genetically identical.


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Since her babies, Roman, Rocco and Rohan were born, 23-year-old Becki-Jo Allen was told by a lot of people that the naturally conceived babies looked very much alike.

She never gave much thought to it, especially since she was told by doctors that it was not very likely that the triplets were identical. However, as time went on, she soon began to see the similarities in their features and felt the need to know for sure.


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Becki contacted the Multiple Births Foundation and she was told that the only way to know for certain if the triplets were actually identical was to test their DNA.


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The mother sent out the samples and the results ended up proving that the kids were, in fact, identical.


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Despite their facial similarities, Becki said she had no problem telling them apart. According to her, she could always figure out who was who mainly through their personalities (which are quite different) and a distinct mole they each have.

The mum, who also has a three-year-old daughter, named Indiana, was quite shocked when she was told during an ultrasound that she was expecting triplets.

Now she cannot imagine her life any other way. She revealed that Indiana has fallen completely in love with the triplets and was always happy to help out wherever possible.



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Certainly, handling all four kids must be a little challenging sometimes, but we bet looking at these cuties' faces every single day makes things a lot easier to handle.