5 Fascinating Facts About Willcocks Nursery, Princess Charlotte's New School

Date January 15, 2018

Fans of the British royal family were so excited to see the photos from Princess Charlotte's first day of school. The little girl, who will be attending Willcocks Nursery in Kensington, looked super adorable in a lovely red coat which was paired with grey tights. Her red shoes, red bow, a pink backpack and a matching scarf completed the cute look perfectly and she just couldn't look any sweeter.

So, what kind of school is the little princess attending exactly? Check out some of the interesting facts about Wilcocks Nursery.

1. It costs £14,500 yearly

If you would like your kid to rub shoulders with royalty, you will have to shell out almost £15,000 every year. And this is not counting the lunch club which requires an additional £580.00 per term.

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2. Her parents will have to attend a special class

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will not simply drop off their little girl and be on their way. They have to participate in what is called a 'stay and play' programme to help Charlotte settle into her new environment.

The couple will attend the nursery, then be asked to leave for a little while to see if Charlotte is comfortable with being left behind. This process continues until she becomes more relaxed and happy to attend school.

3. Charlotte gets her favourite toys

Before admitting her, the school will ask Will and Kate to make a list of some of Charlotte's favourite things to play with and will have them waiting for the girl when she arrives.

4. The school is majorly run by women

There's the headmistress, Lavinia Taylor. And the teachers - Sarah Walker, Jennifer Robbins, Louise Ward, and Rosa Rego Dias.

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5. It's a perfect start if she wants to attend her brother's school

On the Wilcocks nursery website, there is a list of schools which the nursery graduates can attend and this includes Thomas's Battersea, the school Prince George currently goes to.

Source: Standard