70-Year-Old Man Does The 2-Step And People Are Impressed By His Skills

Date October 31, 2017

They say you're only as old as you feel and when you see older men and women living life and having fun, you definitely believe that. There is no rule that says you cannot dance and move your body after a certain age. In fact, the more active you are as you get older, the better it is for your health. You tend to have more energy and are even more likely to live longer than if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Tears Carpenter / YouTube

An elderly man is proof that there's really nothing stopping you from having an active hobby regardless of how old you are. In this video shared on YouTube in 2014, a man, who according to the video description is 70 years old, can be seen busting some really awesome moves at a hip-hop dance class. Just from looking at him, you can tell this is something he takes seriously and enjoys very much. With over 2.8 million views, this man is a YouTube sensation and we just want to applaud his spirit and zest for life.

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And if you are interested in seeing another grandpa killing it on the dance floor, then you might want to check out this man. He can be seen having a great time moving to the beat without a care in the world. Apparently, this is nothing new in his home because a little boy, that we assume may be his grandson, did not seem to pay him any heed. This dancing grandpa wants to move and nobody can stop him. Check out his video below.

These men should be seen as an inspiration. They are strong, active and frankly, as happy as we all hope to be when we get to that age. Moving around as much as you can is very good for the health. It keeps the blood circulating and the body young.

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Kudos Grandpas. You deserve all the applause for your courage and awesome dance styles.

Source: Tears Carpenter / YouTube, Hasan Baba / YouTube