87-Year-Old Grandma Has A Great Time Dancing At A Wedding


November 28, 2017 19:04 By Mambee

You're never too old to enjoy dancing and this 87-year-old woman has proven just that. Experts would agree that doing some physical activities as you get older can be very beneficial. It helps prevent obesity, keeps the bones strong and provides a wide range of health benefits regardless of a person's age.

To truly get the best out of exercising, it makes sense to try activities that you actually enjoy and in the case of this woman, it's dancing. She did not let her age keep her from getting on that dance floor and strutting her stuff. Her eager young partner was only too happy to encourage her and we can hear the sounds of people cheering the woman on in the background. Watch the sweet video below.

In the spirit of celebrating elderly women putting smiles on our faces thanks to their awesome dance moves, we have another fantastic video for you. A 90-year-old Hollywood Swing Dance legend Jean Veloz stepped on the dance floor and people were simply amazed at her skills. With this woman, age is nothing but a number.

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The fluidity with which she moved and the ease with which she owned that dance floor has us very impressed. Clearly, to look good at age 90, dancing regularly is the answer.

And we have one last video of a dancing grandma for you. While the previous two chose to move their bodies to the thrill of an audience, this particular woman had something different planned. This 86-year-old woman danced to Silento's Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) and her attempts at rocking those dance steps were just so cool to watch. The video has been viewed over a million times so clearly, other people are loving her too.

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One lesson these women have taught us is that the way to truly have a good time is to do what you want and not worry about who's watching. While some may judge them for daring to display their love for dance, we know that these ladies are the ones truly winning.

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