Amazing Grandpa Shares His Love And Gives Cuddles To Babies In The ICU

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October 17, 2017 15:29 By Mambee

It can be very nerve-wracking for parents whose to keep their babies in the ICU. You spend many months anticipating the arrival of your little one, and you should just watch how your child goes through so many challenges in his/her early days.

It turns out that parents are not the only ones who are stressed in these situations. Children also feel the effect of numerous medical interventions that are aimed at making them thrive. But there is a grandpa that is out there, who makes things a little better for these babies.

David Deutschmann is dubbed the 'ICU Grandpa' as he always ready to provide love and comfort for babies who need it in the first days of their lives. He is a volunteer at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for more than 12 years and spreads nothing but love in these tough situation.

David had a thriving career in international business, but after retiring, he chose to do something that fulfills his soul. He said, "it’s been wonderful because it gives me something to do that has meaning to it."

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It is very clear that he is not doing this for anyone's approval or recognition. He already did this work for many years, and only after a mother shared a picture of him holding a baby on social media, people started recognizing him.

Mary Beth Brulotte, the mom who posted the picture, said that she decided to share this beautiful moment to bring attention to this wonderful man. Someone who devoted his life to helping babies without getting anything in return surely deserves all the praise.

David said that while the babies seem to enjoy these special cuddle sessions with him, he gets so much more out of it than they do.

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Source: USA Today

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