Car Seats Are Essential To Children's Safety So A Lot Of Factors Should Be Considered When Making A Choice

Date November 10, 2017

Safety is one of the most vital aspects of parenting that we must all consider. Sure, you cannot protect your child from everything but you can certainly do your best in the majority of situations especially when they ride in a car with you.

The right car seat should not only be comfortable for your baby but also fit perfectly in your vehicle. A lot of things should be considered when purchasing a car seat. This is one time where a popular brand name does not necessarily mean its the best choice. It must be functional and reliable.

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Tips for purchasing a car seat

1. The rules of the vehicle

Before deciding what car seat to purchase, make sure you know the kinds that are compatible with your particular vehicle. Read the manual to also find out where the car seat will go and how to fit it in. The two main ways of attaching the seat to your car are either by using the seat belt or what is known as the LATCH system which is usually found in the newer car models.

2. Your child's age and weight

Purchasing a car seat for your child is never a random decision. The age, weight and even height of your child will determine the best seat to get.

According to the general guidelines, newborns and infants are recommended to use the rear-facing seats. And to know when your child has outgrown this type of seat, you should look at the height, and not the age of the child. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that a child is only ready for a forward-facing seat if his head is within 1 inch of the top of the seat.

Children must have reached at least the age of two or the maximum height before they can be considered ready for the forward-facing seats.

Kids that are over 40 pounds and around 8-years-old can make use of the booster seat. However, you can move them straight to using the seatbelt but they should always sit in the backseat of the car.

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3. Look for a car seat manual with diagrams

It is crucial that you read the instructions before installing the car seat so if don't think reading texts alone can help you understand the message, then opt for a seat that has diagrams included in their manual.

4. The back seat size

Not all back seats are created equally. Before shopping for a car seat, be sure that it will fit comfortably in your vehicle. You must also put more consideration into this if you have other kids as you need to be sure everyone will be comfortable.

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5. The retainer clips

Go for a car seat that has two-piece retainer clips as your child is less likely to unfasten them since it takes quite a bit of skill to do so. Toddlers can be very determined so you have to make sure that, if they suddenly get the urge, to unfasten their seat during a trip, they will not be able to do so no matter how hard they try.

Keep in mind that it's often the little things that make the most difference. So, be sure to arm yourself with all the information you need before buying a car seat as this is not a purchase you want to end up having buyer's remorse over.

If you have made your choice, then watch the video below explaining the basic ways to install your car seat.