Couple Who Thought They Could Not Have Babies Became Pregnant With Twins Just After They Adopted Triplets

Date November 3, 2017

The great thing about miracles is that they often happen when you least expect it. A couple that had been praying for a miracle for years got a massive shock when their prayers got answered at the most unexpected time.

Sarah and Andy Justice, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, had tried many years to have kids. When things began to look bleak, they spoke to their doctor about IVF only to be discouraged when they found out that this would cost them up to $60,000 for one try and will only offer a 10 percent chance of success.

The couple then decided to adopt and after a difficult time with the process and waiting, they were matched with a soon-to-be mother.

One day, Sarah took the birth mother for an ultrasound and they discovered that the birth mum was expecting triplets. This came as fantastic news to the couple who knew they would want more kids but were not particularly thrilled about going through the adoption process again.

"It's everything we wanted," Sarah told Tulsa world.

The babies,  Joel, Hannah and Elizabeth, were born prematurely but thankfully, they were doing just fine. But while they were in the NICU, Sarah found out that she was pregnant but that was not all. Two months later, she went for an ultrasound and was told that she and Andy were expecting twins.

Sarah admitted that they did panic a little at the news especially knowing that they would now be having five babies in the home instead of two. but they also felt very happy and blessed.

The couple had Abigail and Andrey a few months later and their family of seven was complete, all within a year.

Sarah said that despite having their own biological children, there was no way they could give up their triplets. In fact, Andy believed that adopting those triplets was probably what led to them getting pregnant as having the children probably took away some of the stress they were experiencing.

"Maybe it's all connected," he said.

Of course, having so many babies at once would probably bring about a whole different kind of stress but the Justice family would not exchange it for the world. Fortunately, they get a lot of help from their community. There were neighbours and friends who came in to help Sarah look after the kids while Andy was at work and they also contribute such things as homecooked meals and diapers.

We can imagine that caring for all five babies would not be easy but no doubt would certainly be worth it. And the kids would all grow up knowing how very wanted and loved they were. It really just goes to show, nothing is impossible. Your blessings may not come when you want them to but that does not mean they will never happen.

Source: DailyMail