Couple Was Trying For Baby Number 3. They Were Shocked To Discover They Were Expecting Quintuplets

Date November 11, 2017

A couple who had trouble conceiving their third child was incredibly surprised when, instead of having baby number three like they imagined, the woman became pregnant with five babies.

Rachelle Wilkinson and her husband, Jayson had two children but they had no clue that conceiving another would lead to breaking a US record.

While being interviewed by CBS, the couple revealed that they were having trouble getting pregnant at the time. They then opted for fertility treatments which involved a process of stimulating egg production. Of course, multiple births in these kinds of situations are not uncommon, but being pregnant with quints is extremely rare.

WilkinsonQuints / YouTube

On the family blog, Raychelle described the surprising moment she found out that they were having five babies. When they were going in for their ultrasound, the idea of multiples had crossed their minds but they assumed they would probably be having twins and were even quite nervous at the possibility of having triplets.

As the doctor began the ultrasound, we first saw one sac with a little beating heart inside, then two. Then the doctor moved the probe again and we saw a third baby. I started to get nervous because the idea of triplets was quite daunting. The doctor moved the probe again and two more sacs appeared on the screen.

Raychelle was in denial of what the screen was showing and concluded that they probably just went around the first two babies for the second time. But this turned out not to be the case when, a few moments later, the doctor announced that there were having five babies.

The word “shocked” only begins to describe what I felt at that moment. I felt almost numb as the doctor tried to explain how this could have happened.

WilkinsonQuints / YouTube

They ended up leaving the hospital in a daze, with no idea how they would handle such a monumental discovery but what they did know was that they would be giving all five of their babies a chance.

During the CBS interview, Rachelle revealed that the pregnancy was not smooth. In fact, doctors even urged the mum to consider reducing the number of babies she was carrying so that the ones left could have a better chance at survival. But this was a decision that she found difficult to make. At the end of the day, the couple decided that they would keep all the babies and take the risk. Rachelle was quoted as saying;

How do you choose? Which ones would I have chosen to eliminate? I don't think I could have done that. When you look on the ultrasound monitor and you see, even at 10 weeks, they all have fingers and toes and all their little body parts.

Raychelle's 5 feet 2 inches frame did not make carrying five babies easier. "It was very uncomfortable," she said, adding that towards the end, it became quite the challenge to bend, sit or do much else.

However, the pregnant mum made it to 34 weeks before the babies, three boys and two girls, were born. The newborns had a combined weight of  21 pounds 7.2 ounces and were quite healthy, which is also not a common outcome for quintuplets.

Since the birth of the babies in 2007, the family has chronicled their special moments on their YouTube page, Wilkinsonquints where they now have over 7000 subscribers. For the tenth anniversary of the birth and of course, the babies' tenth birthday, they shared a heartwarming video of how far they have come and what raising all seven kids has been like.