Dad Chose Not To Tell His Daughters What He Did For A Living So They Would Not Be Ridiculed In School


Being a parent often means you make sacrifices for your kids. But how far you would go depends on the situation you find yourself in. For this man, he chose to shield his daughters from the harsh realities of what he had to do to be able to afford to send them to school and put a roof over their heads.

This story was posted on Facebook by GMB Akash, a Bangladesh photographer who loved taking photos of people with deep and inspiring stories to share. He met Idrees and he knew this was one father that had a lot to offer due to his very heartwarming story.

Idrees was a cleaner and in his country, this was not a job that encouraged respect. On the other hand, he experienced ridicule constantly and his biggest fear was that his daughters would experience the same treatment. To prevent this from occurring, the father of two never told his children what he did for a living. He also did not want them to feel ashamed of him.

Over the years, he had done quite a lot to keep his daughters from finding out the truth including showering in public bathrooms each day after work so they did not suspect a thing when he got home. On the Facebook post, Idrees said;

I wanted to send my daughters to school to educate them. I wanted them to stand with dignity in front of people. I never wanted anyone to look down on them like everyone looked down upon me.

Every single dime he earned went into taking care of his kids and sending them to school. He hardly ever did anything for himself. He was fulfilled as long as his daughters got all they needed.

But everything threatened to fall apart when, one day, one of the daughters needed some money for admission fees to get into college. No matter how hard he worked, he could not raise the funds. On the last day before the deadline for when the fees had to be paid, Idress sat dejectedly at his workplace, fearing how he would go home and tell his daughter he had failed her.

However, towards the end of the day, all the other cleaners came to him and offered their paychecks for the day. It was such an unexpected gesture that helped him realise that it was time to come clean to his girls. From then on, he chose not to be ashamed of his job and his daughters appreciated him even more.

Idrees story touched thousands of people. His last sentence was one that should serve as a lesson to all.

 I do not feel, I am a poor man. Whoever has such children, how he can be poor.

This was a story that touched the hearts of a lot of people. Several comments followed the post, most of them applauding Idrees for being such a strong and loving father.

At the end of the day, you are only as rich as the love that surrounds you and from what we can tell of this man's story, he is very rich indeed.

Source: GMB Akash / Facebook