Donald Trump Was In 'Home Alone 2' Plus 14 Other Surprising Facts About The Movie

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November 30, 2017 11:46 By Mambee

Despite the first movie in the franchise being released in 1990, it is still very much a part of Christmas tradition today. It's hard to make a list of the best Christmas movies without considering this hugely successful film.

Some of us grew up watching the movies in the Home Alone franchise but no matter how big of a fan we are, there are still a few facts that will come as a surprise. Here are the top 15 biggest ones.

1. John Hughes, the screenwriter, wrote this epic movie in just nine days.  In Chicago magazine, he wrote that a hectic start to a family trip to Europe in August 1989 was what inspired the idea of the movie. He wondered what would have happened if one of the kids was left behind.

2. 200 children were auditioned before Macaulay Culkin got the part of Kevin McCallister Director Chris Columbus once said Culkin came in after 200 kids had read their lines and he immediately knew "this was the kid."

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3. The McCallister house is real. The family that lived there at the time stayed in the house during filming and they loved it.

4. Robert De Niro and Jon Lovitz turned down the part of Harry Lime.

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5. Joe Pesci, who ended up playing the role Harry, cursed a lot on set as he was not so used to acting in family movies.

6. Old Man Marley was not supposed to be in the movie at all. He was created after the first script and was inspired by Charles Dickens stories.


7. The Christmas ornaments that Daniel Stern - the guy who played Marv Merchants - walked on were actually made of candy glass.


8. During rehearsals for the part where Harry tried to bite Kevin's finger, Pesci actually bit Culkin and it left a scar.


9. Marv's line, "why are you dressed like a chicken?" and Kevin's "you guys give up, or are you thirsty for more?” were improvised.


10. The spider on Marv's face was real and Stern did not scream out loud so he would not scare it away.

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11. Home Alone was one of the most successful movies of all time. At the box office, it made $476.7 million.

12. Director Columbus wanted to film two sequels back to back after the first so Culkin would not age too much. But the studio did not let him.

13. That picture of Buzz's girlfriend was actually a boy as the director did not want to make a girl feel bad about her looks.

14. The original script ended with a short scene where Harry and Marv watched the 'Angels With Filthy Souls' on TV in prison and realized that it was the movie that had them fooled.


15. Donald Trump was in Home Alone 2. The video below speaks for itself.

We hope we have reignited your love this old classic. This is the best season to rewatch this awesome film and let it transport you back to your childhood.

Source: Buzzfeed