3 Funny Instances Of 'Conversations' Between Dog And Baby

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November 15, 2017 11:41 By Mambee

One of the amazing things about having pets in the home is that you get to watch as they relate to the little children. In some cases, a newborn is introduced to the pet and watching them bond can be a beautiful thing.

Thanks to camera phones and the internet, we are now able to witness these special moments between pets, especially dogs and babies. There are literally hundreds of video clips that show the interaction between a cute little baby and the family dog. And we would like to share a few with you.

In this first one, it's we can only assume the baby is having a conversation with the dog. We see the baby burst into tears, the dog barks, the baby stops, then the cycle begins all over again. The video was titled, 'baby argues with dog' and we can certainly see why people think so. Watch below.

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For our next video, we present this wholesome clip of a child trying to get the bulldog to see his point. The kids gesticulated passionately and it was clear he was trying to pass across some kind of message. Pity we are not exactly sure what that was, but a few commenters hazarded some guesses. A user with the YouTube ID, sophisticatedbadgurl gave her own opinion of what the child may be saying.

"I've told you time and time again, that is where I sit. I've told you 5 times, count it....5 times, the same thing. Do you think I like repeating myself? You're supposed to sit over there" The dog lay down like "i was a part of this family, before you got here. I'm over it!!" That's what I got out of the conversation.

Finally, we found this hilarious video of another dog versus baby argument. As the baby babbled on, the Alaskan Huskey responded in a howl of his own.

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There's just so much warmth and joy in these videos. We can only imagine how much closer these babies and their respective dogs will get as time goes on. For now, we will continue to hit replay and have ourselves a good laugh.

Source: Tyler Rockwood / YouTubeWaggle TV / YouTube, Cute Puppies / YouTube