Dad and Daughter Perform Epic Dance Routine - And It's Awesome

Date November 8, 2017

There is just something so sweet and heartwarming about a dad who takes the time to do something fun and exciting with his little girl. Fortunately, we don't have a shortage of those kinds of scenarios on the internet.

These days, a quick search online will give you various examples of fathers getting into things that their daughters enjoy and one of those things is dancing. A lot of young ladies love to dance and having a daddy that will not only get down on that dance floor but also practice a choreographed move is pretty awesome.

In an incredibly adorable YouTube video, a father can be seen performing a dance routine with his little girl. Clearly, this was not a performance done on a whim. The moves were very deliberate and absolutely entertaining. It's no wonder the video garnered over 900,000 views.

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And because we know that there is no way you can see an awesome video such as this and stop at one, we have found a couple more for you to enjoy.

Standup comedian, Mike Hanley, and his daughter, Jessica surprised the crowd at her Bat Mitzvah with a pretty cool dance routine. When the pair first came on the dance floor, the guests expected a solemn, sweet moment between the dad and his daughter. Suddenly the music changed, and before long, guests were cheering at their impressive moves.

We have one more daddy-daughter moment that is guaranteed to make your heart melt. A wedding is a very special time in a woman's life. One of the most significant moments of the day is when the bride gets to dance with her father. Usually, they would dance to something soft and sweet, but not this father and daughter. Nope. They chose to thrill the wedding guests with their choreographed performance and we just have to applaud their energy.

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One thing these three videos have in common is that, as soon as the music comes on, everybody has fun - both the performers and witnesses. It just goes to show, a little music and dancing in your life never hurts. So, turn that radio on and have a good time, regardless of who's watching. Okay, you may not want to do this at work for obvious reasons, but you know what we mean.

Source: BP Film&Photo / YouTube, StandUpMikeHanley / YouTube, Desiree Meloche / YouTube