5 Rules You Must Follow When Using Free Wi-Fi

Date February 8, 2018

What could be better than free WiFfi? You get to surf the internet to your heart's content and you don't have to worry about spending a dime. But before you go crazy, keep these five important rules in mind.

No online purchases or internet banking

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If you really want to be safe from data theft and protect your finances, free Wi-Fi is not your best option for making online transactions. You should protect your banking information at all costs even if this might mean shelling out a few bucks for a personal and secure account.

Instead of completely open networks, go for semi-open ones

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Sure, you may not always have a choice when it comes to free Wi-Fi. But if you do, semi-open Wi-Fi is a much safer bet. They can usually be found at airport lounges, coffee shops and so on. The password is not usually openly accessible but they are not off limits either. a coffee shop, for example, can put their passwords on their receipts.

Turn off file-sharing options

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Regardless of the type of computer you use. there will be some form of file sharing options that are activated because your PC thinks you are on a trusted network. Turn this off as this will enable your system's built-in firewalls.

Turn Wi-Fi off when it's not in use

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Be sure to disconnect your computer from the free network when not in use. Not only does it protect you from digital dangers, it also saves your battery.


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Any website that is compatible with HTTPS is preferred. Once you use this add-on, it provides a secure version of the site you're visiting.

It's important to stay safe when you are online. Protect your computer, private information and money by being super careful with free networks.

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Source: Lifehacker