'I Had A Successful Career And He Lived In A Bush!' Woman Shares The Story Of How She Fell In Love With A Homeless Man

Date November 14, 2018

They say we cannot help who we love and that turned out to be very true for a woman named Emmy Abrahamson. 12 years ago, she was sitting on a bench beside a homeless man with no clue of the romantic journey she was about to embark upon.

Sharing her story with DailyMail, Emmy revealed that she was 30-years-old when she met a man named Vic. She was "happily single, with a successful career as a writer," and had no idea that she would fall in love with a man who lived in a bush, had no job and was an alcoholic.

She was sitting on a bench one day when the man sat next to her. He asked for the time and she replied by checking the "massive clock right in front of us." She looked at him warily and took in his appearance. His clothes, hair, and beard were dirty and he held a briefcase that had seen better days.

But Emmy noticed that despite all of that, he was a handsome man with the "biggest brown eyes I had ever seen." Finally, she announced that she had to leave and was taken aback when the man told her:

'Saturday, three o’clock, same bench.’ Then he walked away.

The next week, Emmy said she would often think about him. Even though his appearance was offputting, she had to admit to herself that there was something about him that she wanted to explore.

Nyhetsmorgon (TV4) / YouTube

Emmy and Vic spent six hours together that day. They took a walk, had a picnic and just talked to each other. He had decided to move from Canada to Europe after spending many years working as a tow-trucker and other low-income jobs.

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However, when he arrived, he soon ran out of money and had to take to the streets.

If the weather was good he slept under the stars and if it rained he found a bridge to sleep under. At that time he was living in a bush that had a cardboard floor and a tarpaulin roof.

Nyhetsmorgon (TV4) / YouTube

As they got to know each other better, Emmy liked him even more. She described him as the "funniest, happiest and most optimistic person" she had ever met.

After three more 'dates' with Vic, Emmy had to go to Vienna and they both accepted that they would never see each other again as he had no phone and no home - no way to keep in touch.

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In Vienna, Emmy got a call from Vic where he revealed that he had done a lot of odd jobs to earn money to buy a train ticket to where she was.

From then on, they began to officially date. They got married two years later and gave birth to their twins, Til and Desta.

Of course, there were rough patches and the major one was his drinking. "He usually started the day with a can of beer," she said. He did eventually work hard to kick the habit.

They have been living happily together and their story is truly inspiring. Emmy took a chance on love, even when it seemed unlikely it would florish, and her courage is admirable.

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