"I Would Weep!" Reba McEntire Talks About Being Overwhelmed By The Holy Spirit When Recording Her Gospel Album


March 15, 2018 10:39 By Mambee

Reba McEntire is a successful gospel singer whose music has touched the hearts of people around the world. Even though many know her for her country music, it has always been clear that God was important in her life. 

And with the release of her long-awaited gospel album, Sing It Now: Songs Of Faith & Hope!, it's clear she's ready to inspire others.


In an interview with God Updates, she opened up about what recording the album was like and an experience that really stood out for her.

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Speaking about her inspiration for the album, Reba said two friends of hers were the ones who urged her to take the leap. One of her previous managers kept suggesting she make a gospel album. Then one of her producers also had the same idea. Their words, coupled with the fact that she had a few songs she had wanted to record for a while, was what encouraged her to do a gospel album.


Reba was also asked if any moment stood out to her when she was recording the album. She responded by saying the song "How Great Thou Art" was it. She was listening to the song with her co-producer in the studio to see whether she would need to sing it again. It was then that the Holy Spirit overwhelmed her.

The Holy Spirit came over me so strong I would weep, and I would sob, and it was just like "Wow. . . why this song?" I didn’t understand why. But more than any of the other ones, it would totally wrap me up. It was just so sweet. It was like His arms were around me. It’s pretty cool!

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The album is already out and it features a lot of beautiful songs including the powerful "How Great Thou Art," "Oh Happy Day" and "Jesus Loves Me."


The beautiful song "Back To God" is also on this album. It was sung as a reminder that we as a people need to return to God. Listen below.

Reba has a way with lyrics and it's hard to hear her music and not feel overtaken by emotions. She's truly gifted.

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Source: God Vine