If You Were Born Between The Late '70s And The Early '80s, There's Now A Special Name For You

Date February 14, 2018 12:25

If your birth year happens to fall in the late 1970s or early 1980s, you've probably been grouped with the Gen Xs and maybe even the millennials. But because of the unique position this generation has, it has now been given its own name.

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So if you find yourself not fitting in with Gen Xs and Millennials, then it's not in your head. You are part of your own mini-generation and we now know what that is.

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The microgeneration between 1977 and 1983 are known as generation Xennial (a mix between Gen X and millennials).

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So, what makes the Xennials so special? Well, they do not embody the cynic and sometimes pessimistic attitude of the Gen Xs, but they are also not known to display the excessive optimism shown by millennials who are believed to sometimes overestimate what they have to offer.

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In between these two extremes sit the Xennials. Of course, because this concept is still quite new, there has been a lot of disagreement on its existence and its viability, especially in relation to the generations before and after them.

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In terms of technology, we can see where this group stands out from the rest. Gen Xers, unlike millennials, were not born into the internet and cell-phone age, but they can remember when this development began to sweep the world.

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However, unlike Gen X, Xennials are able to adapt to new technology more quickly and easily.

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They are not so old that they are unable to get used to it but they are old enough to distinctly remember a time when we humans were not dependent on it.

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Basically, this mini-generation has been known to adopt the good from the generations before and after it to create its own unique mode of thinking and approach.

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So if you've always been positive that you do not belong to the Gen X and you're not comfortable being classified as a millennial, this is good news.

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Embrace those traits that make you different.

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