10 Amazing Uses For Listerine That Women Should Know

Date March 6, 2018

Sometimes, we find that there are more than one uses for a particular product especially one that is so readily available. So instead of going to the store to get all kinds of products, it then becomes a matter of finding out how to use what you already have.

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If you are like most people, you probably have a bottle or more of Listerine lying around. You may consider this as a simple mouth-washing solution, but after reading this, you'll look at that product very differently. Here are ten great ways you can use Listerine.

1. Gets rid of toenail fungus

Instead of purchasing medications every time, you can eliminate nail fungus by mixing Listerine in warm water and soaking your feet in the solution for 20 minutes.

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2. To clean the toilet

For a cleaner, fresh-smelling toilet, pour some Listerine straight into the bowl and scrub around with your toilet brush. Flush when you're done. This helps to clean, sanitize and deodorize your toilet.

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3. No more itching

Whether you've been bitten by a bug or just experiencing some itchiness, soaking a cotton ball in Listerine and rubbing the area can help.

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4. Backup deodorant

If you run out of your deodorant, Listerine will do in a pinch. Soak a cotton bud in the liquid and rub on your armpit.

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5. Get rid of dandruff

Massage some Listerine on your scalp then wrap your head in a towel. After a few minutes, rinse off and you'll notice the difference,

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6. Get rid of acne

You can use Listerine as a facial cleanser. It's antiseptic properties help you get rid of acne.

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7. Clean your toothbrush

Listerine's antiseptic properties also make it a great solution to get your toothbrush cleaned.

8. Phone screen

Spray a little bit of Listerine on your screen and wipe with a clean cloth.

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9. Cleaning a bruise

You can get a bruise to heal faster by soaking a cotton ball in Listerine and applying it to the affected area. This helps to improve blood flow.


10. Remove a tick

If a tick has burrowed into your skin, a paper towel covered in Listerine and placed over the area will cause it to let go.

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Now you know how Listerine can solve at least 10 problems you may have. Be sure to share these tips with others.

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